Historically Luxurious

Those unfamiliar with Vancouver Island may be unaware that this temperate landmass, rising from the waters of the Pacific Ocean off Canada’s west coast, has been a land of plenty since the advent of written history. Local First Nations, occupying the island for some eight to twelve thousand years are a testament to its vast riches. The deep connections the local tribes developed with the land, wildlife, and waters that surround Vancouver Island are celebrated through a host of vibrant and unique artwork synonymous with the West Coast. Accounts from early European explorers heralded an abundant and seemingly endless supply of food, furs, timber, gold, and gems; Vancouver Island was unlike anywhere seen before.

Named for the Queen of England, the province’s capital of Victoria was built to suit starting in 1847. The southern island is peppered with colonial buildings, fortifications and castles of eras past. Here, coal and timber barons and baronesses, and even royalty would retire in style. Vancouver Island is now home to some of the most exclusive estates, accommodation, hospitality, services, and products in Canada. From its agricultural roots now deftly crafted at a multitude of farms, distilleries, cideries and vineyards elegantly served in local eateries, to its vibrant arts, culture and architecture inspired by its evolution on the coast, Vancouver Island has developed a prestigious and internationally recognized reputation as a world-class destination over the past 200 years.

This is VILL’s niche; an insider’s perspective to all that is luxury on Vancouver Island. We aim to explore, celebrate, and indulge in the island’s finest offerings, sharing them with the local community and the world. We provide extraordinary perspective on local luxury real estate, boutique hotels, fine dining, exotic cars, yachting, design and the finer points of other leisurely pursuits.

Our team looks to reshape the world’s vision of Vancouver Island through our exclusive multi-platform publication, VILL.